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An unexpected meeting between a thief and a monkey

a famous painting was stolen

On 21st August, 1911, at 3am, a thief called Finch. He broke into a mansion to get one of the most famous paintings in the world. First, he climbed over the wall, looked around and unlocked the door. Second, he entered the room then looked around and took off the painting on from the wall. After that, he used a small knife to remove the painting out of the frames. However, the monkey appeared and looked at him amazingly with loud screams when the light was turned on brightly. After that, he ran out of the room and climbed over the fence to escape.

Two days later, he flew to Romania with his painting, when the plane landed at the airport, the security guards asked him to follow him to check his luggage. They told him to open his luggage and his clothes were taken off, too. Finch looked around with curious eyes while his luggage were being checked, but they did not find out the famous painting. He thought everything was alright.
In the end, they didn’t find out the evidence to accuse Finch for stealing a famous painting. He was freed and he went out of the room comfortably.

The thief and a monkey.

At a nice evening at Lourve Museum, as usual, the weather was fine. The guard was taking around the mansion with the dog. A man named Finch climbed over the wall into the garden. He looked around carefully, tiptoed silently toward to the door, he broke the lock and opened the door. When he entered the room, he quickly found where the famous painting was. He took the painting off the wall and used a knife to remove it out of the frame. While he was rolling it, a monkey appeared and screamed loudly. He tried to persuade the monkey to stop, but he couldn’t and it made the owner of the mansion woke up. The thief escaped the house with the valuable famous painting over the wall again in a hurry. The following day, he checked in at the airport and left the town successfully. Soon after his arrival, an airport security officer stopped him and then searched all his luggage to find out the lost famous painting the night before, but in the end they couldn’t find the painting. Fortunately, Finch successfully kept out of the law after robbering the valuable famous painting. The security officer kept going to find the lost famous painting.

The art thief And his fantastic escape

At 3 am 21 August 1911 the clever art thief, named Finch broke into the mansion successfully fast stole Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, one of the famous painting in the world. At first he climbed over the wall but later he unlocked the door. No matter how the monkey screamed, the house owner woke up, the light came out, he took the painting off the wall in the mansion. The next day he checked in at the airport and he hid the painting in his golf clubs. He was not only stopped by the airport security guard but also searched his bags and clothes by the customs officer. However, they could not find anything. In the end the suspected thief escaped successfully one more time. The customs officers kept following him determined to find the stolen painting.

A stolen car.

On 1st January, 2020, a car was stolen from the garage, in Ho Chi Minh city. At first, the police through a thief might have stolen the car. After ten days they still didn't find out the stolen car. The robbery happened at 3.am and the thieves were fast. The alarms went off but the thieves left before the police arrived. The suspected thieves were later caught in Ha Noi in February. When the thief was driving the car on the road. He told that he got into the house by destroying the key. Before he went inside the house he looked around and turned off the alarm. The car was in the garage. Then he used a key to drive the car out of the garage and drove away from the house. When he was driving on the round to Ha Noi, the police stopped him to check the car. At the end, he had been in prison for ten years.

Small child kidnaped.

On 15th September, 2019, Mrs. Brown Smith, a widow living in Texas, claimed that her son disappeared while he was playing with his peers in her neighborhood. At first, the inspectors thought he followed one of his friends to the church, but more than 12 hours after the disappearance, they discovered some strange footprints on the land. Two days later, a man, known as a kidnapper, phoned Mrs. Brown to require a big ransom if she wanted to meet her son again. The inspectors investigated the data source about the call and searched all contradictory relationships with the widow. Because of this, they localized the suspected man and planned to save the child. In the end, while the widow was bringing the ransom to the kidnaped, he was caught by the inspectors and he was forced to release the boy. Luckily, the child returned in his mother's arm safely. the public was excited at the news of rescuing the boy successfully and they completely agreed that the kidnaped must be sentenced for 5 years in prison. Many citizens in Texas summitted a report to local government with their petition that leaders should pass strict laws to punish kidnappers and give safe environment for all of households there. 

The disappearance of a Buddha statue.

On 1st September , 1998 .A Buddha statue made of black bronze was stolen from Bao Quoc ancient pagoda in Hue city .Firstly, the police suspected that a famous band of robbers who just escaped from Thua Phu prison could take it .But half a month , they arrested a wanted man named Puma Hung .However, he was quickly released because of no committed evidence .
A year later, the police caught White headed Hien . a bank thief from a small town in Thanh Hoa. They accidentally investigated the related thefts and knew that .it was him who had stolen the statue.
The public was really excited at the news of finding .The black Buddha statue was returned back to Bao Quoc pagoda .In the end ,the robber Hien was put into prison by many of his thefts.


On 25th October 2020, when the canoe of the relief team was being rowed into the flood area of Hong Thuy village in Quang Binh province, they saw a boy swimming to the boat to get some food from them. Immediately, one of the members on the boat quickly jumped into the water and helped the boy reach the boat. The boy said that his name was An, he was 8 years old and his family was in the next village. They were quite far from here. When he heard about the volunteers would give people some food, he tried to swim as quickly as possible to get the food for his family. His family and people around him were so hungry and thirsty, and they couldn't go anywhere because his village was sunk under the water. There were many children and old people there. They really needed help. Everyone was so emotional about the brave boy. In the end, they took him to his home and gave people a lot of food and drink. Everyone was so happy to see the volunteers. They would take all people to the safe area in a moment.

A diamond necklace stolen

On 15th October, 1994, a diamond necklace , one of the most valuable necklaces of the famous jewelry shop in Italy was stolen. The robbery happened at 2:00 am and the thief was very fast. The alarms went off but the thief left before the security guard arrived. At first, the security guard thought one of the guards might have stolen the diamond necklace, but one month later after the robbery. the real thief, Vincenzo Peter was arrested at his house. He has planned to return the diamond necklace to his house about for two months. Peter was a poor worker at a small company in his town. He had stolen that necklace because his mother was terminal cancer so that he needed a large of money to buy medicines and pay for cost in hospital where his mother was treating. What a piteous thief! The following days after the robbery happened, the police checked his house to find evidences but the necklace was not at his house. A few days earlier his mother came back from hospital and found the necklace under his bed. then she took it far from home about 20 kilometers. she buried the necklace under the ground. soon after the police took a dog guard to find out some traces. Finally, the police found the diamond necklace and the thief had been in prison for 8 years.


On Saturday afternoon on 15th May, 2009, two hundred million  dollars was taken from the National Bank. At first, the police thought that the robbery was made by one of the guards and he was immediately arrested. However he was released when the police could not found any evidence that he had committed the crime. One month later, the real robber was arrested. His name was John Lennon. He was the main manager of the bank. He lost a huge amount of money by gambling and he was in debt. He decided to rob the bank because he was not able to pay all his dept. Because of having worked in the bank for many years, he had a perfect plan to break into the bank. He knew clearly the time the bank opened and closed, so he disguised as a customer who went for exchange. When he came into, there was only a cashier at her desk. He used his gun to threaten her to give him the money. Unfortunately, all his actions were recorded by the security cameras which placed from every direction in the bank. The robber was sent to the prison by laws for ten years for his guilty act.

The most famous books were stolen

On 15th April, 2010, Nguyen Du's Kieu story, one of the most famous books in the national library, was stolen from there where there was tight security for the famous works which were considered as nation’s precious things. At first, the police thought one of the clecks might have stolen the book or one of the visitors, but two days after the theft, they arrested the poet, Koetee. However, he was released when police couldn't find out any evidence that he had committed the crime. one week later, the real thief , ChaneXien, was a famous writer came frome China. He had been to Vietnam for excursion and visited the national library at that day. He had stolen the book during without clecks' observation of the library, because he enjoyed reading NguyenDu's works, especially," Kieu story". After that he paid a visit to Ho Chi Minh City and was arrested. Because the police watched the images in camera. He had planned to take it to China. He wanted to copy it into many other books to offer his friends. The public was so excited at the news of finding the " Kieu story" that the book was displayed again in National Library where the work was stolen after a week.


On 25th December 1980, the representative ABC International Bank took responsible to protect a big valuable diamond, which cost one million dollar. However being stored about twelve ours in a secret room. The leader of the bank informed that the diamond disappeared strangely under the strict protection of the security force. After having seen from the cameras, the police discovered a burglar made up as a security guard and took a guard dog that always stood their place to protect during twelve hours. After work, he and his dog left the bank through the main door in order to exit safely. Immediately, the police and authorities informed and blockaded the city to investigate. The investigation lasted twenty years. However, all the details which were related to the burglary couldn’t help the police to find the thief. Suddenly, twenty years later on December 25th 2000 the police discovered a photo of a man who was checking in beside the diamond in the ABC International Bank at that time. Later, the police immediately went to the suspect’s house. In the end, a man was arrested and sent to the prison for twenty years. It was the same year when the police investigated the burglary. 

The floods and the loss

Recently, flood has become a more and more popular topic all over our country. A week ago, there were some storms that hit our country and they resulted in raining a lot. That caused flooding in some central cities, and provinces in Viet Nam. People in these places had to face a lot of challenges. They were experiencing the most severe floods in decades. The death toll rose to over 100 people with over 20 people missing. A lot of hectares of food crops were submerged and thousands of cattle and poultry were killed or swept away. Houses and properties were damaged or destroyed completely by the floods. Rescue teams were working around the clock, helping the victims and searching for the missing people. Any help from the public would be appreciated. People all over the country donated money, clothes, food, water...to those in need.

Those are not model samples essay, just written by some learners in the course. Thanks for reading. If you have any comments, please drop a line below this post. I appreciate your comments.

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